I registered this domain on a whim, with the hope I would start blogging everyday like Chris Lema. That didn’t happen and months into having this domain I’ve posted maybe one good post.

I had expectations, and I let myself down. The good thing is I’m aware of it and I can observe the situation and look for at least some minor changes to improve my chances of reaching the goal of blogging every day.

Removing Distraction

I wrote this post on a whim too. I had two goals in mind, to express my want to blog daily, and to keep it (the post) as short as possible. But when I opened my laptop, this Edge browser home screen headline: ” 53 dead in Mexico truck crash” hit me.

A tragic news headline is also a distraction I don’t need.

That’s a headline that’s hard to resist clicking. As much as my heart goes out to the victims of the tragedy and their families, I would do them much better honor by ignoring their story and improving myself and, by extension, the lives of everyone around me.

To make sure I don’t get caught by a headline I won’t be able to resist, I went one step further and disabled the distracting home screen on my browser. It was simple to do. Just click the cog at the top right of the edge home screen and select “Focused Mode”.

There’s a proverb, habit is an iron shirt. Can you imagine putting on a shirt made of metal that’s cut to your size? It’s close to impossible but once you have it on, it’s going to be equally challenging to unbutton that iron shirt. So this is me making my first try to get my head into the collar of an iron shirt. Here we go!

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