Gutenberg, AKA the new WordPress editor has come a long way since int was first integrated into WordPress with the release of version 5.0 in December 2018. It’s been 3 years of Gutenberg in WordPress core, wow!

Most of my experience with Gutenberg has been on an old model entry level laptop. The new editor was touted as a light-weight and fast alternative to the classic editor (TinyMCE) but for me it was slow and buggy. The display of text I typed would lag by an entire line. Selecting text was finicky, and I never dared use any blocks beyond paragraphs, headings and inline images. I had a much better experience using page builders than I did using Gutenberg.

I recently upgraded to a new notebook PC and most of my negative experiences have gone. It still occasionally freezes for no apparent reason but I am no longer in a state of perpetual frustration. For basic inline writing (a habit I developed out of necessity) Gutenberg is an amazing tool.

But as soon as I step into designing stuff, things fall apart. Gutenberg works, but it’s kind of like using a key that needs to be jiggled a certain way to unlock a door. Once you figure out how to jiggle it right, Gutenberg is an OK design tool.

With all the frustration, am in love with the idea of Gutenberg. I hope in the coming years it lives up to the expectation of being a modern publishing and design tool for the masses.

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